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Living Last Supper

First Presbyterian Church of Sapulpa invite you to dinner and a reenactment of the Last Supper beginning at 6:30 pm on March 28.

The setting will be the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci – The Last Supper.

However, instead of doing a faithful reproduction of the original scene as it had taken place in first century Palestine, DaVinci chose to reproduce the scene as if it had taken place in fifteenth century Italy, using what he considered the most dramatic moment of “The Last Supper,” when Jesus reveals to the apostles that one of them will betray him. Each disciple is wondering – Is it I? Am I the one who will betray the Lord?

Easter Morning Service

You are invited to celebrate Easter with 1st church Sapulpa!  In this season may you feel your faith renewed and your heart made new and know CHRIST IS ALL YOU NEED.

Neighbors Table Food Variety

Neighbors Table

A Free Food Pantry for Sapulpa

First Church of Sapulpa started a new ministry called “The Neighbor’s Table” a free food pantry for the Sapulpa community in partnership with the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank.

We demonstrate Christ’s love through our mission works and our compassionate hearts.